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Apply to become a Director of the Calgary IT Pro Community (“CIC”) Association

Do you have knowledge and skills in the IT, legal, accounting or marketing professions? Do you want to help shape the future of the leading IT Pro Community in Calgary and Southern Alberta? 

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, then there may be an opportunity for you to join the Calgary IT Pro Community Association (“CIC”) Board of Directors. 

Applications for Director candidates from qualified* individuals are now being accepted.  Deadline to apply is 5:00 pm Friday March 5th, 2021. Directors and officers will be formally elected by CIC members at the Annual Meeting to be held Tuesday March 16th. 2021. Term of office is Two (2) years for new Directors.

What is the role of the CIC Board of Directors?  

The role of the CIC Board of Directors is to provide strategic direction and oversight for the Calgary IT Pro Community Association. CIC’s Board has overall responsibility for ensuring delivery of quality technical and social networking events for members of the IT profession in Calgary and Southern Alberta. Key Board committees are responsible for educational programming & event planning, communications/marketing & community outreach,   finance, IT infrastructure, membership, sponsorships, governance and volunteering.

Who is eligible to apply to the CIC Board of Directors?  

*Qualifications/requirements for candidate Directors and Officers:

  1. Candidates shall be Calgary IT Pro Community Association members in good standing. Applicants for and student members are also eligible to apply.
  2. Candidates are  NOT  required  to  be  IT  professionals  but  must  be  interested  in  advancing technical knowledge and enablement of IT professionals. Members of the accounting, legal and other professions willing to lend their professional expertise are welcome to apply.

What is involved in being on the CIC Board of Directors? 

  1. Directors are expected to attend  one  Board  meeting  each month – typically two (2) hours in length on the first Saturday morning of each month. Attendance can be in person or, with advance notice, online, (if a Director is unable to attend in person) or, otherwise, at the call of the Chair.
  2. At  the  first  Board  meeting  following  the  Annual  Meeting,  Directors  appoint  a  President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer for the ensuing term. The President is responsible for implementing CIC’s strategic plans and policies. He/she chairs the Executive Committee. The Vice President assists the President, acts for the President in his/her absence and is Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee.
  3. The work of the Board is conducted through its committees. Each Director is expected to lead at least one CIC Board committee. Committees meet as required – typically, at least  once  per  month  –  either  in-person  or  online.  Committee  work  requires  approximately 2-4 hours/month. 4.Directors are expected to attend one Strategic Planning meeting (4-8 hours) per year.

What will I gain by being on the CIC Board of Directors

  1. Successful incumbents gain experience in governance and leadership – skills that are highly sought by industry.
  2. Successful incumbents gain an elevated profile in the IT professional community – this can lead to opportunities for career advancement.
  3. Successful incumbents develop teamwork skills commensurate with the level of their engagement with CIC Board and committee members.

What is the role of the CIC Nominating Committee in the election process?

The CIC Nominating Committee’s role is to seek and select qualified candidates for the slate of Director candidates for election at CIC’s Annual Meeting. Its focus is to help build a  Board  of  Directors  that  represents  a  diverse  range  of  views  and  interests,  ultimately  contributing to the strategic direction of the Calgary IT Pro Community Association.


Interested applicants are invited to apply by completing the CIC Director candidate information form and emailing it to the following coordinates:

Dave Fulton – Nominating Committee

Calgary IT Pro Community Association

103-918 16 Ave NW Calgary AB T2M 0K3

m   403.816.2888