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Dave’s Walk to Feed YYC

Dave’s #FeedYYC Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser

The Calgary Food Bank is Calgary’s first line of emergency food support for families and individuals facing crisis. Your donation is a gift of better health and well-being to those facing food insecurity. For every $1 donated, the Food Bank can distribute $5 worth of quality food.

On behalf of the Calgary IT Pro Community and in partnership with #YYCTechGives, Dave’s embarked on a 4-year long walk-a-thon. His goal is to “virtually walk across Canada” by December 2026 (that’s 1,955.25 km/year – ¼ of the 7,821 km long Trans-Canada Highway). Dave must average 5+ km/day.

If 500 people donate just $25 each/year – we’ll reach our 4-yr $50,000 goal.

You can support the Calgary Food Bank through Dave’s Walk-a-Thon here:

Note: Dave has requested a list of donor names for gratitude purposes only. Only donor names will appear on this list. No other information can be shared. If you wish to remain ANONYMOUS, please select that option as you process your donation.

Share your support on social media using the following hashtags:

#FeedYYC #YYCTechGives #CalgaryITPro #CIC #TrueNorthGrpInc

Here is a link to see Dave’s progress