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April 16, 2024 – The Nature of Data – Wade Walker, Intelligent Data Management


In today’s interconnected digital landscape, increasingly how business perceives the nature of data is changing, transcending its ‘traditional’ role as mere information to emerge as a tangible source of differentiated opportunity and business value. The narrative begins by unraveling the historical trajectory of data, from its humble origins as raw facts to its evolving status and perception as a powerful driver of strategic business outcomes. As we navigate through the changing landscape of data, the talk explores a current and increasing paradigm shift in the perception of data as a business asset that merits investment.

No longer perceived broadly as an “IT problem” confined to the realms of storage and retrieval, data is increasingly recognized as a valuable resource that can be leveraged to drive innovation, inform decision-making and fuel economic growth. Most organizations have a long queue of technology projects with a deep and fundamental dependency on their data asset. However, the state of data in most organizations is nowhere near ready to drive realization of the desired value of these projects. The same is true of the organizational culture and data literacy.

This talk will address the critical role of data governance and ethics in ensuring the responsible and sustainable use, protection, and enhancement of the economic characteristics of data. It explores the challenges and opportunities associated with managing data’s evolving status and emphasizes the need for an integrated, holistic approach, aligning factors and inputs across the four dimensions of People, Process, Technology and Data, to unlock its full potential.

Learning Objectives:

• Gain insights into the transformative power of data and its measurable impact on industries, fostering a deeper understanding of the role data plays in shaping the future.
• Have perceptions challenged on the nature of data, and how its economic characteristics can be preserved and enhanced.
• Add new and impactful business-oriented ideas and language to their elevator pitch, to aid in influencing skeptical business and technology leaders in recognizing the value of data


Wade Walker

Wade Walker fuses strategic vision with the effective management and ethical use of data as amongst the most valuable assets any business owns, emphasizing the capture, measurement, management and the ethical exploitation of an organization’s data in business terms.

Wade has gained over 25 years strategic consulting experience across more than 10 countries on 4 continents, spanning the broad data space with extensive architecture, delivery and best practice experience. During his career, Wade has led the technical delivery of the data and analytics backbone for some of the largest international and multinational companies in the world.

Today, working closely with executives and board members with a business-centric lens and language, Wade works with to marry data with organizational strategy, providing advisory and technology delivery services to collaboratively envision and execute on long-term data and technology roadmaps.

Wade actively serves on several technology advisory committees in Academics, offers strategy, technology, architectural and data consulting through his company Intelligent Data Management Ltd and is Executive Producer and Conference Chair with his company DMC Data Management Conference (, which delivers high-value, knowledge-oriented annual data and technology conferences. In addition, Wade is a member of the leadership team of Bill Inmon’s company, Forest Rim Technology (Denver, USA), serves as Associate Director with Life Sciences Consulting Partners (Zurich, Switzerland) and is Executive CDO with Alstrada (United Arab Emirates).


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